Recent Projects + Some Ramblings

Most of the time, I feel like I totally fail at blogging over here. I swear, it’s for a combination of completely legit reasons:

  1. I really haven’t had much time this last year (gulp!) to make much stuff. Sadly, both Josh and I are slammed with various work projects, and so it’s hard to make the time to do much creative stuff.
  2. Since we had to move into a smallish rental condo near downtown last year (which completely and totally sucks), we just don’t have a lot of space to do stuff. When we were living in a regular house with a garage, yard, etc, it was a whole lot easier to make stuff and experiment creatively. Fortunately, this isn’t a permanent living situation.
  3. Similarly, we don’t have a great space for staging photos. We always enjoyed taking most of our project photos outside, using trees, etc, as props, so the project photos have kind of sucked this year.
  4. I blog about fabric-y stuff for my work, so it’s hard to feel motivated to come home and blog about fabric-y/sewing stuff for fun. Even though I enjoy it, it’s still odd when work/hobbies collide. Furthermore, this summer I also wrote some crafty roundup posts for PNCA’s Summer of Making, so I kind of feel like I’m already everywhere, more or less.
  5. I’m bored with writing about projects, unless it’s something that’s new/different or featuring a designer or company with which people may not be familiar. I’ve spent quite a bit of time mulling over what direction–if any–we should take this site.

All right, enough navel-gazing, let’s get on to some crafty goodness…

Mom's Embroidery

I’ve mentioned that my mom is an embroidery superstar, and earlier this year, she picked up some amazing vintage embroidery patterns at Knittin’ Kitten here in Portland.  This weekend, we were over at her house letting our dog get to know her new dog, and she off-handedly mentioned that she’d been working on a project and pulled out this amazing handkerchief that she’s almost finished stitching. Good grief, she’s amazingly skilled with the needle and floss. I think this would make a gorgeous center to a pillow based on a log cabin block, incidentally. (Speaking of log cabin, did you know that Susan‘s next book is already available for preorder from Amazon? I’ve seen all the projects and they are absolutely fantastic!)

Mom & I
Incidentally, this is probably my favorite picture of my mom and I ever… This is the two of us before we went to the first Blazers game of the season–just had to share that one with y’all.

My Mom's 1st Knitting Project

In additional tales of my mom’s craftiness, she recently asked me to teach her how to knit. I taught myself ages ago, when I was in college and before there were all the cool books and websites about contemporary knitting. I literally knew one other person who knew how–my archaeology professor at American U. I asked my friend Michelle (Remember her?) for a bit of guidance, since I’ve never taught anyone how to knit and she’s the most skilled fiber artist I know. We met up with Michelle this weekend over at Happy Knits, which is a newer shop (about a year old, I believe) that’s a breath of fresh air over on Hawthorne. We helped my mom pick out some gorgeous Delft blue alpaca-wool blend bulky yarn and some nice, big circular needles. She’s really making some progress and I imagine will be bitten by the knitting bug by the time she finishes her first scarf!

Hat in Progress
I also picked up some yarn for myself so I can finally make a hat to go with this coat (I can’t believe how short my hair is in those photos, by the way–it’s nearly reaching my elbows these days), which I still wear all the flippin’ time. (And it still gets all kind of unusual reactions–that’s what happens when you wear around the most badass coat ever–people say stuff.)  I’m making Natalie Larson’s Spring Beret pattern, which I found over on Ravelry. Of course, I had to pick out some crazy violet and magenta hand-painted yarn to go with my crazy poodle jacket.

Melissa, Rachel & I

When I was at Quilt Market in late-October, I got to catch up with a several of my favorite peeps, including the wonderful and gorgeous Rachel & Melissa. (You’ve bought Melissa’s awesome book, Small Stash Sewing, right?) Also, I got to hang out with Antoinette for the second time this year (!)–and meet her fabulous son, who is quite possibly the coolest little boy ever. I’ve said it about 8,000 times, but I love that the internet enables us all to connect with one another, regardless of distance, and then actually translate that into real life.

Finally, I’d love for y’all to check out my friend Cherri’s recent blog post about how her wonderfully generous son is collecting gifts for troops stationed with him in Iraq. If you’re able, this would be a wonderful way to get into the spirit of the season and spread some joy to folks in our military who don’t have families and friends sending them gifts.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!



5 thoughts on “Recent Projects + Some Ramblings

  1. WOW! Your mom *is* awesome with her embroidery! I love it! And that picture of you two is so adorable. I love watching you two get so excited about basketball. I’m so glad I was able to see you in Houston – it was the highlight of my weekend! Love you! XOXOX

  2. That pic of you and your mom is so cute! You know, I live dangerously close to Knittin’ Kitten, so next time you need to take a field trip let’s get coffee! Or tequila! You know, whatever 🙂

  3. Hi — great blog. Nothing wrong with going for quality rather than quantity.

    Your mom’s embroidery is fantastic. And that’s comming from someone who’s mom also embroiders. She’s also into machine quilting, and knitting. Winter’s are fun. Nothing like putting on mommy-socks and wrapping up in a momquilt. 😉

    Me? I’m an engineer, so I’m more into the machines. I suppose that’s why I started my quilting machines blog. And now I’m getting interested in machine embroidery. But that’s nothing like the great hand work!

    , and I’m getting interested in machine empbroidery

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