City Quilts Blog Tour: Cherri House, Awesome Creative Entrepreneur

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Welcome to our stop on the City Quilts blog tour! We were thrilled to chat with the delightful author, Cherri House, about her book, her design process and the joys of being a creative entrepreneur.

city shops

"City Shops" by Cherri House -- Inspired by a Barcode

Sarah & Josh: In City Quilts, one of the things we liked the most were the photographs of the city juxtaposed with your quilts. We’d love to hear about your design process, and how you use the city as inspiration for creating the quilts in City Quilts.

Cherri House: Part of the book submission process is to provide an index of what the quilts in the book would be. So, I just started writing down city things…anything city oriented made the list. Some things lent themselves to becoming quilts, much more than others. To a degree I had painted myself into a corner, because several great city names like City Park, and City Garden were names that I had already used in self-published patterns. For some of the quilts, I played with the names, to see if I could pull a quilt out it, and others, I had the quilt design, and needed a fitting name. For example City Shops – I had wanted to do a barcode quilt for a long time, so the name was a good fit. There were others that never got past the design stage – I wanted a City Hall quilt, made from red fabric strips, to replicate ‘red tape’. I still have about 20 more city quilts in me, waiting to be made.

S&J: And a follow-up to that question: How can people follow your lead, and use the world around them to inspire their creativity?

CH: 1. The first thing that someone may want/need to do is to avoid getting hung up on being too literal. You don’t have recreate something exactly; just recreate the essence of whatever the inspiration is to you. This is a sky quilt that I want to create, of course the sky isn’t rectangular blocks of various blues, but it is my interpretation of the sky .

"City Sky" by Cherri House

2. Find something that inspires you, and use the tools you have (materials and skill set) to translate that into whatever medium you use. I use fabric, always and forever – it’s what I know, what I am comfortable with, and what I have an endless supply of. My daughter Lizzy might paint, draw, or fabricate something out of paper or fabric, because those are her materials. My daughter Ashlee would write a song, because she is a singer/songwriter, my daughter Melissa might write a song, create something from yarn, or fabric. If you are a woodworker use wood, if you are a welder, use metal. You use what you have, and what you know.

3. Don’t let the “appropriateness” of the source of inspiration hinder what actually inspires you. It’s kosher to be inspired by mountains, sunsets, the ocean, but a parking lot…who finds beauty there? Get rid of the thinking that only far away and often expensive places are inspiring – seek out beauty everywhere.

city tracks

"City Tracks" by Cherri House -- Inspired by railroad tracks

S&J: Your designs have a structural feel that we’d think would appeal to men (Josh loves your quilts!)—and so few sewing or quilting designs do (Denyse Schmidt’s work being a notable exception). Do you find that a lot of men connect with your designs?

CH: Yes they do! They seem to like the clean lines, and linear aspect of the designs. I’ve received several emails from quilters who are either architects, or have a male family member that is an architect that they want to make a quilt for. Scientists seem to like my designs as well – male and female.

I’m so curious when I receive a pattern order from a man, I think, “Is this for you, or your wife?” We need more male quilters!

City Bank

"City Bank" by Cherri House -- Inspired by a scene in "The Bourne Identity" (one of our favorite movies!)

S&J: Finally, we love hearing how people develop creative career paths and grow businesses doing what they love. How did you start on the path of designing quilts and making it a business?

CH: Since I started quilting for my own family in the 80s, all of the quilts that I made were from patterns that I created myself. I didn’t know that people bought patterns; I thought everyone worked the same way I did. Lizzy had been telling me for years that I needed to sell quilt patterns, but I thought it was a joke – I thought to myself, ‘who would buy a pattern?’ When Melissa, my youngest child left for college, loneliness and too much time sat in after about two weeks, and I decided to take the plunge and start a quilt pattern business. That was three years ago in June. For Cherry House Quilts the key to growing our business has been staying focused on our niche corner of the industry, of creating contemporary style quilt patterns using mostly solid fabrics. It has set us apart in that our quilts have a unique look, and appearance.

To celebrate the Cherri’s book, her publisher, C & T, is giving away a copy of City Quilts, and Robert Kaufman is giving away a nice stack of solid color fat quarters. We’re including a souvenir from our city, Portland–a few of Sarah’s original letterpress prints of the Steel Bridge which you can keep or give away. To win, please leave a comment letting us know what inspires you each day. A winner will be chosen randomly at the end of the blog tour.

(Note: We moderate all of our comments, so if you’re comment doesn’t show up immediately, it’s waiting in the queue, so don’t worry.)

Steel Bridge Post Card

Steel Bridge Post Card by Sarah


262 thoughts on “City Quilts Blog Tour: Cherri House, Awesome Creative Entrepreneur

  1. I am inspired by my backyard, especially when I sit on the patio and look east towards the mountains.

  2. I’ve read each interview on this tour, and I have to say how pleased and surprised I am that each had something new and interesting in it. I love Cherri’s quilts and it has been so interesting to learn about her creative process.

  3. I think happiness inspires me. I’m generally happy and any colour combo, picture, word … well it’s all around and as Cheri says, don’t get too literal and just interpret it.

  4. Hmmm… what inspires me? I think pretty much everything! I am inspired by colors, patterns in everything around me, and other people’s beautiful ideas! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  5. Wow – the first comment – that never happens 🙂
    Like Cherri, I am often inspired by my surroundings. That
    might be shapes, colors, art work, or anything that crosses
    my path. Currently, I’m inspired by Cherri’s work to incorporate solids in my sewing! LOVE this book!

  6. That was a great interview….I really like the structural look of her quilts. Thanks so much for the interview. And the give away.

  7. What inspires me? COLOR!!! I love playing with combinations and finding surprises. thanks for the interview and giveaway!

  8. I am continually inspired by so many wonderful quilting blogs and how willing information is being shared and encouraged. My ideas of quilting have changed so much. Quilting now is based so much more on creativity than on perfect stitches – I’m loving it!

  9. Easy question — all the wonderful blogs I read daily are my biggest inspiration! I’m addicted to my google reader and can’t wait to see what kind of exciting projects folks are working on. It’s truly awesome seeing all the talent that’s out there.

  10. I would love to win a copy of this! I have to say much of my inspiration comes from things I see around town. I love seeing fun new color blends and things that make me think outside the box.

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  11. I find it very hard to tell what inspires me. Colors, lines, certain fabrics, books, my imagination, my daughter’s ideas and many many more. It is a combination of so much.
    Funny how I think I know Cheri by now and all of a sudden new views appear. Thank you for the interview!

  12. recently I have been inspired by the blogs I read. I am loving the new “modern” touch on quilting. As always I am inspired by the quilts of Gee’s Bend. Love their take on tradional patterns.

  13. Another great post on the tour. I particularly enjoyed Cherri’s answer to your question on using the world around us to inspire creativity. Thanks for hosting another great stop 🙂

  14. I am mostly inspired by books that I have about quilting. I need to start using my surroundings to get more creative and outside my “box”. Enjoyed your interview!

  15. those letterpress cards are wonderful!

    i love that this interview mentioned the masculine appeal of these quilts– i have always felt that most quilt patterns are decidedly feminine, and that cherri’s quilts have a definite guy-vibe to them. she inspires me to make for the men in my life! (and the less frilly women!)

  16. I do like the idea of creating design inspired by what is around me–and I don’t have to go into Portland for something inspiring, I can find it right here in Scappoose! (Hey, any city that has a giant red candle has to have some inspiration somewhere, right?!)

  17. It might be silly but I find I mostly get inspired by my children. They are so passionate about everything. My daughter loves to help me pick out fabric. She is 5 and sometimes I am just blown away by her choices that look amazing and I would have never thought of. So fun!

  18. Still enjoying this tour, thank you.

    What inspires me each day? That’s a difficult one but I think I would say the I like to take a close up look at every day things, like rice or pasta in a bowl, or the pattern on the metal floor of a roundabout.

    Also I have a thing about lego at the moment. Bright and colourful yet simple

  19. Thanks for hosting a day in the blog book tour. GREAT questions! I’ve just started quilting and my inspiration to start was watching my mom sew my entire life.
    She got me interested in the Jennifer Chiaverini book series about quilting and, while reading those books, I decided I wanted to make a quilt for the bed I share with my husband.

  20. I live out in the country, quite opposite from city living! I always am inspired by the colors of nature, shades of greens in the bushes & trees and the bright colors of flowers!

  21. Another great stop on the blog tour!Love that you asked a question! Each day I’m inspired by so many things…the prints, patterns and designs I see on quilting blogs, but also scenes from nature…the ocean, mountains and even flower gardens!

  22. Each blog stop I see something new and wonderful from City Quilts. This time it is the city sky quilt. Thank you for this giveaway. The black and white letterpress prints are cool.

  23. Wow, I am excited for this giveaway! I love the idea ‘who would buy a pattern?’. I am inspired by my 2 year old, who loves to look at scrapbooks, wrap her dolls in blankets, and clutch her skirt when you talk about her dress!

  24. Great interview! My husband likes Cherri’s quilts too, especially City Lot. Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. Where I live gives me a lot of inspiration, lots of flowers and the water with it’s many colors, which change hourly.

  26. I get inspired by nature. My photo albums are filled with pictures of trees, leaves and especially bark. I really love the patterns in bark (my husband thinks I’m nuts!). Thanks for hosting today’s stop and the chance to win an amazing prize!

  27. Hmm, a parking lot inspired quilts. My car-fanatic sons would love that idea. Thank you for sharing with us, this is a great series. – Mary

  28. What inspires me each morning? A nuzzle from one of my two kitties. They’re beautiful and they love me. What better thing to wake up to?

  29. What inspires me? Being known and loved by my Creator is a great start. Seeing the world and people through that lens surely inspires me to move and create.

    I love this book and as an urban dweller, I love the way she has translated the urban context into cloth!

  30. Every day during the tour I have a favourite quilt, today’s is the Sky quilt! All those lovely blues. My inspiration comes from everywhere! I’m a florist so surrounded by colours and shapes. I work in a big city and love all the angular lines and windows and textures so I really understand where Cherri is coming from.

  31. Sewing wise, I’m always inspired to try new patterns and challenges. Or to put a beautiful fabric I found to use!

  32. Great interview questions! I’m inspired by the people around me… the small moments of beauty in everyday life… other creative folks – you two and Cherri included!

  33. I am inspired by all the little bits of nature tucked into the city and the daily changes of the season that you see.

  34. I am inspired by my garden. And lately I have been finding inspiration in a whole new circle of blogs.

  35. I love Cherri’s comments about wondering who would buy a pattern to make a quilt. I’m just the opposite; I started quilting by following patters to the letter and have changed a little to now thinking of patterns as more of a guideline to a finished product. We’re all taking different paths on the quilting journey!

  36. Loved your interview and this Blog Tour. I have been introduced to some great new-to-me blogs and a great book!

  37. This was a really great interview. Interesting questions. Thanks so much for letting us learn even more about Cherri. The book is really amazing.
    P.S. Portland is one of my favorite cities.

  38. Thank you for the interview. Thank you, Cherri, for your advice of getting rid of our thinking that only expensive and far away places can be inspiring. I know that beauty is all around me. I need to just look around and enjoy it and let my immediate surroundings be my inspiration.

  39. I am inspired by colors and shapes that I see outside and in nature! (Although peeking in on the creativity of others most definitely helps!)

  40. Thanks for the interview, Josh and Sarah! I am inspired daily by all the colorful photos posted by quilters and needleworkers in the blogs I have in google reader.

  41. The rich color of the summer sky in the evening, the richer, dark shades and colors of the sky and clouds of after storms at any beach blow me away. The varying shades of green in trees down he road, blue-greens, yellow-greens,reddish-green…whew! Inspiration? Ya think?

  42. What inspires me? What doesn’t! If I only had enough time to follow each inspiration to fruition! There was a dragonfly perched on one of my hanging planters … that changed the quilting on a quilt and set me of on an entirely new direction.

    The simpleness of the City Quilts quilts are pretty inspiring too …


  43. I’m learning to look all around me for inspiration every day. I love the city, and appreciate at it more because of living in the woods for two years. Colour always inspires me! Thank you for the interview and the giveaway!

  44. I am inspired by all the quilting blogs and the quilters. I am also inspired by color. Have a new box of crayons on my cutting table for inspiration.

  45. Another terrific interview, and some interesting thoughts on inspiration. I work from my home so am frequently inspired by my yard right outside: flowers, leaves, the shapes of trees, even animal tracks.

  46. My main source of inspiration is nature: flowers, trees, mountains, lakes. I also love to look at the works of others to see how they use patterns and colors in their designs. Thanks 😀

  47. I think this book will inspire me… but my garden does too, and looking at a lot of blogs!

  48. I’m inspired every day by the joy my dog takes in running around the woods. A lovely reminder to be happy and enjoy freedom.

  49. Everyday things inspire me. I am really enjoying the interviews with Cherri. Thanks for the giveaway.

  50. This was one of the best interviews so far! I love all the new information I’m getting each day. I would love to make all of these quilts!

  51. Fabric inspires me, just purchased Kona Dimensions Textural in Violet for a “Cherri pattern”

  52. I am inspired by my kids – they aren’t set in the ‘typical’ or ‘appropriate’ way of using things or seeing the world yet (at 3 and 1 yr old!) and it is refreshing and inspiring!
    Thanks for the interview!

  53. I am always inspired by botanicals. Whether I am using them to work on line drawings or using their vibrant color in my fiber arts, botanicals are what inspire me most. After seeing some of the examples here I may need to change my focus some and see what develops. Thanks for all the wonderful questions!

  54. Thank you for a great interview! I’m finding this whole blog tour very inspiring. I often find inspiration in good photos – great colour combinations in landscapes or ads in interior decorating magazines, interesting shapes and of course in beautiful fabric 🙂

  55. Every morning I go downstairs for my coffee and to my computer to check e-mail. Next, I go upstairs to get ready for the day, but first I open the door to my sewing room. It’s in my favorite colors of blues and greens, smells of fabric and lavender, and is neat and organized 90% of the time. It’s the cleanest room in the house (I thoroughly clean after each major project), and it’s my favorite room. That’s what gets me in gear…just seeing my room inspires me each day.

  56. I love learning a new thing every day about Cherri. It is blogs like this that inspire me everyday. I have those that I read regularly, and then I like to hop around the links that others have on their blogs so I am constantly seeing new blogs and being inspired anew!

  57. In quilting, I am most inspired by colors. No matter where I am I can see different colors and how they work together so well and create such wonderful patterns. Thanks for this giveaway with such wonderful colors.

  58. It is kind of hard to tell what inspires me. Sometimes it is the nice shape of a tree or that funny car parked down the street that makes me think of a purse shape. Or sometimes I see something online that I just have to imitate, only it turns out completely different.

  59. I am inspired by other quilters, quilt blogs and some quilt books. My favorite books of inspiration are Ricky Tims, Kaffe Fassett, Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston.
    The city book looks wonderful and I have not worked with such luscious solids. Thanks for the opportunity to win both.
    Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

  60. Different things inspire me on different days. Sometimes the landscape inspires me, sometimes it’s another’s completed work, sometimes it’s a fabric pattern and I just *see* a quilt . . . sometimes it’s just in my head!! 🙂

  61. Lately, I am mostly inspired by the blogs I read and all of the beautiful creative things I see–fabrics, patterns, quilts, etc. I see something I like and think, “I wanna play, too!”

  62. I’d have to say all the wonderful quilty/sewing blogs that fill my Google Reader every day. So much creativity and fun out there.

    Having said that, today I was waiting in a waiting room and sketched the really cool pattern on the carpet because I thought it would make a great quilt! There’s inspiration everywhere; you just have to open your eyes!

  63. My inspiration comes from the ladies in my quilt guild, quilt shows and shops as well as the many blogs I peruse seeing what others create. We are so fortunate in this world of technology to have so many creative avenues to explore! Thanks to those who share their ideas and creations via their blogs and websites!

  64. Everywhere you look there are inspirations for quilts. Endless colors and textures are all around us. I LOVE the Portland area. I lived there in the 70’s and we will be there in Sept to visit friends. thanks for the drawing.

  65. I live (for the next few months at least) in Sydney, Australia and despite all the natural beauty in many areas of the city the thing I think is most insipring thing in my environment is the Harbour Bridge.

    I was also really interesed in the comment about Cherri’s quilts appealing to men, I had thought about teens but hadn’t extened the idea upwards in age but now I think about it of course that seems reasonable!

  66. I am so enjoying this blog tour and “meeting” new bloggers. I’m inspired to copy the colors I’m seeing in my small flower garden. In nature, all colors “work” together.

  67. i check flikr and blogs for inspirations. the patterns in the book look inspirational and modern. thanks for sharing the interview and hosting the giveaway.

  68. My wonderful pets inspire me every day. They are always happy and never seem to have a bad day.


  69. I get my inspiration from color – any color and all colors. The color of the wet grass in the morning, the color of the koolaid stain on my son’s upper lip, the colors of the books on the library’s shelves….

  70. Thank you for the chance to win.
    I get inspired by the fact that I can create a unique gift for someone and know that no one else will have it.

  71. Best interview yet. What inspires me? NATURE, for the most part. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  72. Thank you for the great interview. It was interesting to read where she found her inspiration and the relationship between the names of her quilts and the inspiration.

  73. I’m inspired by all the talented, creative bloggers out there who share their skills so generously. Fabulous giveaway, thank you.

  74. I am inspired by our home, we live on a large farm surrounded by the sky, tress, grass and animals, even on a bad day it’s so beautiful I just want to create.

  75. Science inspires me, so since these quilts are beloved by scientists, clearly I should win! 🙂 Thanks for the interview and the chance to win.

  76. Color inspires me…as well as nature – heck, just about everything!!!

    Loving this tour – learning so very much…

  77. Great interview & thanks for the nice giveaways !

    My inspiration ? It has to be nature…I live in the
    mountains …always beautiful & inspiring. And ever
    changing…new colors, new creatures, new smells…
    the opposite of the city but equally fulfilling.

  78. I am mainly inspired by nature. Though how to translate that into a quilt, is not yet happening. I sure helps to read all your interview Q&A during this blog tour! Thanks so much!

  79. I guess I need to admit that I’m inspired by my STASH!!! i look at it & just know I need to make something to use it up – LOL. I love surfing the web for pattern inspirations & Cherri has certainly inspired me to think out of the box! I love her designs & if I don’t win her book I’m certainly going to need to buy it!

  80. I am inspired by almost everything – anything with colour. Dishes in the sink, bright kids’ toys, colour combinations on cereal boxes, landscape, sunset, the texture of leaves. I try to see beauty everywhere – still searching for it in the mall parking lot though:) Thanks for a great interview with Cherri – and a chance to win!

  81. My grandchildren and children are alot of my inspiration as well as reading blogs/interviews like this City Quilts Blog tour!

  82. I found that I was much more inspired when living overseas and finding many doors, floors, ceilings, steps etc that looked like geometrical shapes and the like. Since I’ve been back to the states I must not have my eyes as wide open as I should or mind set? Perhaps i get to comfortable in the everyday surroundings and take it all for granted.

  83. I am inspired by the architecture at my work. I work at medical complex and all the buildings are so different. I see quilt blocks in every one of them!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  84. What inspires me? I love to look out my window to see what is different today. The garden changes, the light through the trees is filtered, and approaching each day as a good day ahead. Thanks for your inspirations. Kathie L in Allentown

  85. Inspiration- comes from so many places but the big answer is the world around me. I carry around a little book in my purse in case something inspires me.
    Thanks for the great interview questions.

  86. I think a really colorful plate of good food is really inspiring. Thanks for the chance to win.

  87. When I turn on my computer each day and view fabrics and quilts that other bloggers have created, that’s inspiring enough to get me sewing on my stash!

  88. It’s tough to think of something that does not inspire me. For instance, I can already see a City Bridge quilt that’s inspired by those great letterpress prints. *S*

  89. The thing that inspires me is looking at pictures of quilts people have made. It makes me want to make some. Thank you for the chance to win!

  90. I am inspired by my fabric stash, by the quilt magazines available, by the patterns created by designers, by the blogs of wonderfully talented quilt makers, and by my need to make quilts to give to people needing comfort, hugs or an acknowledgement of what has happened in their lives.

  91. My studio inspires me, I love having a place of my own that I don’t have to share with anyone not even my family, and I love being surrounded by my fabrics and all my “bits”.

  92. I get inspiration from looking at buildings and the different architecture on them be it the molding around the windows (a studio that had the sanded paint) or the beautifully sculpted ornate groupings. And if you see a person with great features, that can transcribe into a wonderful outline shape.

  93. Thanks for another nice stop on the blog tour. How about a City Fountain quilt? Having grown up in Kansas City there are very nice areas with beautiful loved fountains.

  94. I am inspired by nature. I love my garden and I live near the Rocky Mountains. I’m also inspired by seeing what others are creating as I read the many wonderful blogs out there.

  95. I know this might be cliche but my kids inspire me. They are 2 and 4 and see such beauty in everything that I tend to forget about.

  96. My sisters and I spent a week at quilt camp at our prairie lake cabin pouring over your city quilts. By next year we each vowed to create at least one lake quilt. Very inspirational, thank you.

  97. I love how her quilt also appeal to men. Maybe I can talk my husband into using one of her patterns so I can finally make a quilt for our bed! LOL.

  98. I am inspired by color. I love lots of bright clear colors, whether it’s a field of sunflowers, a painting, or a box of crayons…I love color!

  99. Thank you for this interview. The questions are great. What inspires me the most is reading quilt blogs daily. It just keeps me moving. I love them!

  100. My favorite to paint is flowers. Loved being at Cannon Beach in August when the hydrangeas were acutely, achingly BLUE………that inspired me. Not sue how that translates to quilts and fabrics. I find this book so appealing. Love the variations on grids.

    Actually, I think we have to find inspiration wherever we happen to be. Seize the moment. Be in the moment. Recognize what is.

  101. I live in the country, on 18 acres, and we have so many different viewpoints that each inspire me – plus, some are better in certain seasons. I’m so lucky! Thank you for the great interview and giveaway!

  102. Great blog! Found it through Cherri’s book tour. Loved the interview, love her book. Hope I win!

  103. I think fabric inspires me. Every time I see a new line, I’m itching to get some for myself to see what I could do with it.
    There seems to be a lot of creativity in Portland. Great city! And great interview!

  104. I’m inspired by others’ work that I see on Flickr or in blogs, I’m also inspired by the fabric. Sometimes I can look at a print and have a feeling for the type of block I’ll make with it. Other times, I only have so much of a certain fabric, I you try to figure out a way to maximize what I have and still keep the block layout interesting.

  105. Fab interview! I’m inspired everyday by my environment, the weather, my mood, my friends… I’m not very good at it yet but I do try to have some ‘chilled out’ time to just take the moment in and that’s often when I feel refreshed and inspired. Great blog tour and inspiring interview – thanks!

  106. I’m inspired the blogs I read every day like this one. The colours and ideas are fantastic.

  107. Wow, what a great giveaway. Love Cherri’s quilts they’re amazing and this interview is so interesting. I would love to get this book.Is it open to international readers? If so count me in please.
    My inspiration comes from fabrics, my lovely flickr mates and kids.But mainly from people, when I’m makin a quilt or a handbag I’m always thinking on someone and this reflects on the final product.

    Thanks for this chance to win.


  108. I am constantly inspired by the amazing online crafty community in flickr and blog land.
    Cherri’s blog tour has been fab – new little snippets in each interview 🙂

  109. Thanks for the interview!

    There’s so much that inspires me like architecture, music, nature, words, phrases, too much really. I love the encouraging words of Cherri to just work with what you love and translate your inspiration in a not too difficult way!

  110. My Veggie Garden! Watching something grow from a seed & help feed my family is what inspires me. Taking the time everyday to water, weed, & care for my plants …. so peaceful. Allows me to clear my mind & enjoy the little things in life.

  111. Beautiful blue skies and sunshine inspire me, along with walking through my gardens and watching out for the next thing to bloom.

  112. Nature inspires me, each and every day. I have some gorgeous views, and can watch the sun come up over a mountain every morning.

  113. What inspires me every day is God’s creation. So much beauty on our earth – we need look no further than Him!

  114. I’m always inspired by nature. The sun through the trees on my way to work, the bug that’s crawling on my window, the flowers and produce at the farmers market. I love how these quilts mix the colors of nature with the geometry of the city.

  115. I am inspired by the world around me, I am so lucky to live on the ocean and am continuously amazed how it changes everyday.

  116. My daughter inspires me! I love to see the world through her eyes as she learns something new every day! Thanks for the chance!

  117. Thanks for hosting the blog tour, Cherri’s new book looks so great, and as always, her quilts are beautiful! I love getting inspired by everyday objects that seem ordinary. Colours, shapes, and textures of the most ordinary things can be surprisingly inspiring!

  118. I, too, am inspired by blogland and all it’s creative inhabitants!

    Such a wondeful book and the fabric is yummy. Colour is inspiring too.

    Thanks for the giveaway.


  119. Lovely interview. I am inspired by odd things some times. Typically geometric designs that I see translate in my brain as quilt patterns. There has been one floating around in my head based off the pattern of the soundproofed wall in the interview room on one of my favorite tv shows. Odd, I know. It would be awesome to win a copy of the book. Thanks for the giveaway!

  120. Would love to win one of these lovely prizes. Inspiration is all around me…my sewing room, my grandkids and the beautiful summer flowers and colors in my yard are just a few!

  121. Love Cherri’s work! So many things inspire me… things I see in books and magazines, driving around, walking in the city, where I’m from, where I’ve been… it never ends 🙂

  122. I’m inspired by music & my friends. Thanks for the great interview & the chance to win!


  123. I am inspired by blogs and the thing around me. When i go to a place with tile i try to figure out how to make the design into a quilt. thanks for the interview and the give a way

  124. I am constantly inspired by music actually. I have been swing dancing for 12 years and my husband and I teach dance together.
    mpustejovsky at gmail dot com

  125. Great interview! I definitely think the patterns definitely appeal to men. My husband loves bold colors and geometric designs.

  126. I’m inspired by the internet and blogs. I love finding new blogs to read- this book tour has added new ones to my favorites list!

  127. Oh, guy, that’s an easy question. Nothing is more inspiring than a good book and beautiful fabric.

  128. I love the fact that using vibrant solids results in deceptively simple and exciting quilts…I can hardly wait to create my own unique designs!

  129. I find nature inspiring every day. Something is always blooming or growing, or beautiful, even in dormancy!

  130. Quilting websites inspire me, so many wonderful quilts designed and made. I’m loving this tour and seeing the new (to me) websites. Thanks.

  131. I’m inspired by my goofy children (if you want an original idea, ask a child!), the blogs I read (oh my goodness, such great ideas out there!) and a whole bunch of other things.

  132. All the fabulous quilters who share by blogging inspire me everyday, as well as the gorgeous scenery where I live in New Zealand.

  133. Inspiration—hmm..I find a lot of inspiration in the outdoors with the color combos of leaves, grass, sky, flowers, etc. Thanks for a chance to win these goodies!

  134. I am most inspired by children. I love seeing the world thru their eyes, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could always have that joy.

  135. The quilts are just wonderful. I must think more about the use of solids and dramatic colors in my quilts. love the book

  136. Hello from Washington DC/Maryland area 🙂 I am inspired by my 2 year old. His creativity mixed with problem solving amazes me. (He gets his smarts from Daddy). Who knew that if you take a Mr. Potato head hand and jam it just right into your Winnie the Pooh car stearing wheel, you can get continuous horn honking. If we could only capture that mixture as adults and use it with no judgements of good idea or bad idea in brainstorming 🙂
    Thank you for your great questions in this interview and hosting the blogtour 🙂

  137. I am inspired by all sorts of stuff: browsing through flickr & others’ blogs; strolling through art galleries; walking through gardens; glancing through magazines, etc. Sometimes i can get inspiration simply by rolling my color wheel around! =-P
    Thank you for giving us a chance to win Cherri’s beautiful book, and the fabric, and Sarah’s beautiful prints!

  138. I tried to find inspiration in randomness — I like when colors and textures just sort of “end up” together in a happy coincidence. 🙂

  139. I have often been inspired by memories, like trying to replicate the colors from a quilt my grandmother made or finding similar fabric colors and patterns from the childhood dresses I wore or from the bonnets my grandmother always wore whenever she went outside to work in her garden.

  140. I’m inspired by the mountains of Vermont and the ever changing colors. In summer its the colors in the gardens and the terrific light before and after thunderstorms. In winter you have to search for more color, but patterns (and snow) abound. Thanks for the chance to win.

  141. This year, we’ve had so much water, I’ve been inspired by the effects it has on plants, on homes, on moods, and the little things that aren’t particularly bothered by it, like a twig floating on a puddle.

  142. I am inspired by pretty much anything from the cover of a magazine to the patterns in old linoleum flooring! Please enter me in the giveaways!

  143. By where I live….Blacksburg, VA….mountains, fields, lots of green and sky. It’s beautiful here. Thanks for the giveaway!

  144. I love to walk through downtown Chicago and take photos of buildings and their ornament. Looking a Cheri’s book, a lot of the same bits of the city have inspired some of my quilts in the same way.

  145. I’m inspired by the work of other people. Books, blogs, things hung in quilt shops, etc. Still too new at this to be designing for myself from my own inspirations yet.

  146. I am inspired by the fabrics. I love going to fabric stores and quilt shops and getting to touch everything and stack bolts! Seeing color combos and patterns come together on the fly is so great!

  147. I would have to say that most of my inspiration lately is coming from bloggers. I love seeing what everyone is up to and reading about their particular process. Really enjoying the interviews on this book tour. Thank you!

  148. I’m inspired by lines and shapes … and finding patterns within them. I’ve really enjoyed the interviews on this blog tour and I’d love to win a copy of this book.

  149. I work in a public school with children with learning disabilities and I can’t help but be inspired by them everyday!! They are full of spirit!

    Thank you for the give away


  150. I live on the Gulf Coast and beautiful Penacola Beach inspires me each day. My dream is to actually live on the beach one day. The colors of the beach are awesome. Different sunrises and sunsets each day.

  151. This book is an inspiration! I love her comment about not being too literal, but capturing the essence. Thanks!

  152. Cheri is just such an inspiration for quilters to really expand their color skills. She shows how a simple pattern can be elevated into something amazing, just by the masterful use of color.

  153. Great advice from Cherri. Tradition definitely has it’s place and is the basis for what we do as quilters. But how freeing it must be to be able to create something based on your very own interpretation. I’m going to have to try that!

  154. Thank you for a lovely interview with though provoking questions. I always find it interesting to read or hear what inspires artists and to see how they interpret their inspirations. I’ve been sewing for years and years and quilting for the last few and am now starting to find quilting inspiration in patterns I see around me – whether it be flooring, buildings, nature – it’s intersting how you start looking at things once you allow yourself to see past its function.

  155. Everything inspires me everyday… something at the park with my kids, a design on a building or the street… in a magazine, or on a blog. How can I expand and make different? My 3 young kids are so aware of my quilting, they often point out patterns and things they see when we are out and about. That’s inspiring to me.

  156. What inspires me? Things I read, things I see, ideas that come to me in the middle of the night, offhand comments made by friends, a twist of words or a phrase that I hear or read.


  157. HI interesting interview each one is so different. These are definitely quilts that I would make for the man in my life

  158. Thanks for a fantastic interview. I get inspired by all different things but I love thinking about what could be and not being so literal in everything.

  159. I’m always inspired by color first, then texture. Thanks for hosting the book tour – I’ve learned some interesting things from the interviews!

  160. My inspiration often comes from a fabric design or a color. I love the City Quilts book and the Kona Solids. Thanks for the interview and the giveaway.

  161. My inspiration comes from blogs like yours. I just love reading all of these wonderful blogs and seeing the beautiful work that others are doing. It’s an inspiration every day!

  162. Every interview has been informative and enjoyable, particularly your questions.
    What inspires me each day? Everything I read. Fiction is my thing (also quilt books, of course); every author and each character has something to give me, as the reader.
    And inspiration for my quilts? Primarily color. I’d love to work with the lovely solids that Cherri uses. Thanks very much.

  163. I am inspired daily by the beauty outside my window in rural Virginia. While I don’t make nature quilts, I am inspired to mix seemingly incompatible colors and textures to create beauty, much like you find daily in nature.

  164. I’ve enjoyed my first blog tour. I learn so much from the artists and quilters around me.

  165. My daughter inspires me daily, she makes me want to create things for her and that rubs off onto other aspects of life that I want to create for – although not for me as often as it probably should 🙂 I’m working on that! And the constantly amazing world of crafty blogs inspire too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  166. The light! It inspires me every moment.
    It changes every day and every moment sometimes.
    Brillliant, subtle, magnignificient or scarce…
    It changes all the colours around and I am loving colours. Brings moods, emotions and changes the ordinary objects.

    I would love this book!

  167. I find inspiration in forms found in nature and the human-made world ~ particularly repeating shapes like the centers of flowers or the intricately-carved railings on an old porch… I find that slowing down and looking closely helps me find inspiration – when I am in “speedy mode” I miss a lot… Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  168. I find inspiration in the sky. It sounds cliche but the sky changes into colors that almost seem unreal sometimes depending on the time of day, the clouds, weather, and all of the combinations of the three. Right now I’m trying to incorporate the colors I saw in the sky after a recent storm into my next quilt.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  169. I always find inspiration in the works of others. There are so many creative people out there!

  170. I am inspired by so many things – the view from my studio window, the fabrics in my stash, the beautiful photos on websites and blogs. What fun to look at them all and then create!

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